Monday 27 August 2012

keyboard input stop working in Android Emulator

Hello Friends ,

After upgrading my Android SDK ADT plugin r20 from r16  keyboard input seem to have stopped working with both existing and new AVDs.
Everything was working fine prior to the upgrade. After doing lots of R&D. The issue is solved for me :)

If you want to enable the keyboard for your android virtual device via command line, edit~/.android/avd/[YOUR_AVD].avd/config.ini and add this to the file:
Restart your AVD and you should be in business.
Go to following path(in my case mukesh is user):
mukesh/.android/avd/[YOUR_AVD].avd/config.ini and add this line

Hope this will help you...
Enjoy :)

Mukesh Kumar

Hi Guys I am from Delhi working as Web/Mobile Application Developer(Android Developer), also have knowledge of Roboelctric and Mockito ,android test driven development... Blogging has been my passion and I think blogging is one of the powerful medium to share knowledge and ideas....


  1. Thanks Mukesh...
    I am facing this after upgrading my ADT plugin from r-16 to r-20.

  2. Thanks mukesh its working for me....

  3. Thanks for tour tutorial,
    but it doesn't worked for me :(

  4. Hi alireza,
    Try in this way....
    Go to=>Eclipse=> Window=>Android virtual device manager=>click on New

    There is a check box option "hardware keyboard present" select this option.

    Good Luck....



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