Monday 8 October 2012

Multipart image upload in android

Hello Friends,

I'm trying to upload image to my server in Android..???

After spending a lots of time , I came across Multipart image Upload.Using this 
we can easily upload image as well as file on our server.
Note: The method upload the image using http multipart form data.
           In my condition , My web web service method(upload_image) requires
           three parameter .
            1. A text message
            2. Image or Template Id
            3. Icon or Image in byte array format with filename.
   Also , I have to pass user token which i am saving into share preference,
   when user successfully logged in. Also the API Version which is nothing
   but a string(e.g 1.1) which will be saved in my Config Class.
   Please , Change the above parameter and post url as per your requirement. 
Note: Here , Instead of using android default HTTP client , I am using the 
          Apache Http client. Download it from  Here

     And placed it inside your project lib folder.

  * Method uploads the image using HTTP Multipart form data.
  * @param imageData
  * @param filename
         * @param icon   
  * @return
  * @throws Exception

public static boolean uploadImage(final byte[] imageData, String filename ,String message) throws Exception{

        String responseString = null;       

        PostMethod method;

        String auth_token = Preference.getAuthToken(mContext);

        method = new PostMethod(""+ "upload_image/" +Config.getApiVersion()
               + "/"     +auth_token); 

                org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient client = new              



                FilePart photo = new FilePart("icon", 
                                                      new ByteArrayPartSource( filename, imageData));

                String s    =   new String(imageData);
               Part[] parts = {
                                new StringPart("message_text", message),
                                new StringPart("template_id","1"),

                                              MultipartRequestEntity(parts, method.getParams()));
                responseString = method.getResponseBodyAsString();

                Log.e("httpPost", "Response status: " + responseString);

        if (responseString.equals("SUCCESS")) {
                return true;
        } else {
                return false;

Hope This Will Helps Some one.
Cheers :)
Enjoy Coding... :)

Mukesh Kumar

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