Wednesday 22 June 2016

App crashed on launch | Android Studio App crashed on launch | App crashed on launch- Android 4.4

Hello friends,

Today I found the strange issue while making an signed/released Apk.

My app getting crashed when app launched on Android 4.4, 4.2 and other devices
and Its working fine with Debug build. After spending lots of time I found that the
issue is with Android studio 2.0 or higher.

The reason of crash is in Android studio 2.0 and higher Google added a new feature
of Instant Run which makes your development/emulation faster.The Instant run is
enabled in latest android studio. We need to make it disable while making a signed
release build.

Steps to Disable:
1. Open the Settings or Preferences dialog: On Windows or Linux, select File > Settings
    from the main menu. On Mac OSX, select Android Studio > Preferences from
    the main menu.
2. Navigate to Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run.
3  Unchecked the box next to Enable Instant Run to hoot swap code/resource
    changes on display. 

What is Instant Run??
Instant Run: This feature is supposed to dramatically improve your workflow by letting you quickly see changes running on your device or emulator. It lets you see your changes running “in a near instant,” which means you can continuously code and run your app, hopefully accelerating your edit, build, run cycles. When you click on the Instant Run button, it will analyze the changes you have made and determine how it can deploy your new code in the fastest way. Instant Run works with any Android Device or emulator running API 14 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher.

Hope this will help someone.
Enjoy Coding.... :)

Mukesh Kumar

Hi Guys I am from Delhi working as Web/Mobile Application Developer(Android Developer), also have knowledge of Roboelctric and Mockito ,android test driven development... Blogging has been my passion and I think blogging is one of the powerful medium to share knowledge and ideas....



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