Thursday 23 September 2021

Android Jetpack Compose- An easy way to RecyclerView | How to create a RecyclerView in Jetpack Compose | LazyColumn-JetPack Compose

 Hello Friends,
        Today I am going to share a my another JetPack Compose tutorial.
Here I am going to share you the creation of listview/recyclerview using 

Creating a listview/recyclerview in Compose:
                                            Creating a listview/recyclerview in Compose is easy.
No Adapter. No View holder.

What is LazyColumn?
- A LazyColumn is a vertically scrolling list that only composes and lays out the currently visible items. It’s similar to a Recyclerview in the classic Android View system.

Download code from here
Hope this will help someone.
Enjoy Coding......................... :)

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