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Friday 3 January 2020

Mobile World : The next version of Android is officially Android 11 | About android 11 release in 2020 | Android 11 name | Features coming in Android 11

Android 11:   Next Alphabet R Android 11 soon to Arrive

Google is all set to introduce Android 11 after success of its Android 9 and Android 10 in queue. Much of the information is not disclosed for now but is awaited and speculation is that Android 11 will be more oriented on dual display.

Android launch date is expected around September 2020 but rumours had started already. Android 11 will be available for free.  After Android Q version this Android 11 will be called Android R as expected alphabetically. Also, the trends of naming their android after desserts is also said to be maintained.  Android 10 was in some non-Google company like Oneplus 7T and 7T Pro but possibly it could be different for Android 11. Although it will be available for smart phones who want to be upgrade possibly.

Android 11 in Smart phones

If to put in simple language Android is an open source operating system that powers Google and Smart phones. Also, this operating system is based on a modified version of the Linux Kernel. It’s a decade old and the most popular mobile operating system in world.  Android 11 like other Android software is for smart phones and tablets. Although to compare it with iPhones, Androids varies a lot. But today both are multitasking. Android 11 like other old version will be empowering Samsung series, Xperia, HTC series and many more.  It is at least believes to be on pixel phones.

Android 11 features
Now if talking about Android 11 features, most of it is unknown for now and soon expected to be disclosed but expectation are “Scoped Storage” which is supposed to be in Android 10 but Google pushed it back due to complaints from Android developers. This feature makes memory read speeds much quicker, improves security, and stops you needing to give every new apps permission.  Also all those features which is gone missing or not as expected in Android 10 will be anticipated to be there in Android 11. Just to name few:

1.  Near field Communication (NFC)
NFC determines how your Android phone connects or interacts with the nearest device. This connection does not depend on Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE.  It helped users to share videos, photos, music by not using any apps but by pressing phone against each other.  But this feature is gone now and causes hindrance to share. NFC is expected in Android 11 to get away with this problem of sharing.

2. Improvement in Dark Mode
Using phone in darker made is a treat to eye. It makes different apps look way far better than it is normally.  Android 10 has lots of problem regarding it. Every app does not have to have its darker mode feature, so if smart phone has it already it will reduce much inconvenience of jumping to different apps. Also on apps that do have dark mode some text aren’t colour wrapped and go invisible. Having better dark mode option is what in line of expectation from Android 11.

3. Easy access like “Chat bubbles” 
Chat bubbles over the top of the apps which enables you to see your whole conversations while you are on other apps. Isn’t amazing feature?  Like Facebook messenger, it should be an Android feature as well.  It allows you to use other apps while chatting. User does not have to dodge every time they get a message. It’s of utmost use when we need notification while working on other apps. Especially with Instagram, , Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook . You can easily continue with your conversation anytime.

Android 11 Updates over different phones
                                So the phone that going to have this Android version is:
       Ø Nokia:  After google, Nokia is the next original equipment
                       Manufacturer (OEM) which is expected to do software
                       upgrade. Their 'Android R' OTA update is to be done 
                       is – Nokia 9 Pure View
                                             Nokia 6.2
                                             Nokia 7.2
       Ø Samsung:  Needless to mention that Samsung Galaxy S10 and 
                            Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will going to be upgraded
                            to  Android 11 Features.

       ØXiaomi:   The MIUI 12 will be expected to be based on 
                            Android R version.

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