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Monday 11 May 2020

Kotlin - Enum Classes in Kotlin | Enum Methods | Enum Properties

Hello Friend,
              Today I am going to share about Enum class in Kotlin

- How to create/initialize enum classes
- methods and properties of enum classes.

Initializing enums –

Now we can easily access the color of fruits,
Enum Methods-

  1. values: This method returns a list of all the constants defined within the enum class.
  2. valueOf: This methods returns the enum constant defined in enum, matching the input string.  If the constant, is not present in the enum, then an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.

Enum Properties-

  1. ordinal: This property stores the ordinal value of the constant, which is usually a zero-based index.
  2. name: This property stores the name of the constant.
Below is the example which help us to understand the uses of Enum method and Properties.

Hope this will help some one.
Enjoy Coding... :)


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