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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Android MVP template | Android MVP Plugin

Hello Friends,
              Today I am sharing the android MVP template which make the development
Faster. This is an android studio template inspired by android view-model template.

When we follow Android MVP architecture in any project, for each module or feature
we need to create an Activity/Fragment,  a Presenter and a Contract class and also
a layout file corresponding to them. This is really an time taking process.

So Taking advantage of Android Studio template I created  a MVP template
which creates all this file at the start.

Getting Started

1.  Download the MVPActivity Teamplate ,which you found at the bottom of this blog.
2.  For WINDOWJust copy directory MVPActivity
                     to  $ANDROID_STUDIO_FOLDER$\plugins\android\lib\templates\activities\
3. For  Mac,  Just copy directory MVPActivity
                     to $ANDROID_STUDIO_FOLDER$/Contents/plugins/android/lib/templates/activities/

4. Below are the few common files,
       A. template.xml  – This will contain information about the template
             name, minSdkVersion, etc    

     B. recipe.xml.ftl - This will contain instructions explaining how to
            create the template, including what variables to ask the user for and
            what should be done with those variables.
    C. globals.xml.ftl – This defines global variables

    D. root/ folder – this will contain the template code.

Download code from here
Hope this will helps some one...
Enjoy Coding........... :)


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